August 2021 Newsletter – Mid-Month Strangely Bullish

Over the last 5 quarters, analysts have significantly underestimated S&P 500 earnings. Some 90% of companies reporting have outperformed quarterly earnings estimates even as a resurgence of pandemic fears are on the minds of many. Consumer demand is strong. Empty shelves must be restocked. Remaining inventories have pricing power. Raw material providers also benefit from […]

August 2021 Newsletter

Where are We in the Economic Cycle? There is growing evidence investors are perplexed about where we are in the economic cycle. That is a problem. It always is. Confidence in where we are along the economic cycle rises and falls. However, it is heightened during periods of mid-cycle government intervention (fiscal and monetary) when […]

July 2021 Newsletter

Understanding Economic Cycles and Investment Strategy By Vaughn Woods, CFP, MBA   Knowing how the economic cycle works makes you a better investor. The economic cycle is defined as the fluctuation of the economy between periods of expansion (growth) and contraction (recession). Factors such as gross domestic product (GDP), interest rates, total employment, and consumer […]