Portfolio Management

Given the speed at which the global economy can change, today’s investors need direct access to a proactive portfolio management team. At Vaughn Woods Financial Group, we use the Total Quality Management system to maintain each unique client portfolio. Total Quality Management begins with establishing a plan of action for realizing your one-of-a-kind goals. Your plan is implemented and constantly monitored for performance relative to risk-appropriate benchmark indices. Based on the performance of your portfolio, we adjust your plan of action to be best positioned for the ever-changing economy. What’s more, you always have direct access to your portfolio manager.
Total Quality Management differs from the buy-and-hold technique in that we actually monitor and manage money on a moment-to-moment basis. So, while financial reps who use buy-and-hold are out looking for new clients, we are constantly monitoring your investments, ready to adjust our strategy at a moment’s notice. At the core of Total Quality Management is our proprietary asset allocation software which analyzes every portfolio against one of five risk/return allocations:
Our analysis shows each portfolio’s diversification across nine different asset classes. Applying this analysis within the context of our Total Quality Management plan of action establishes the framework necessary for doing what we do best, professional portfolio management.
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