A Biographical History Vaughn Woods, CFP, MBA

Vaughn Woods is an American personal investment portfolio manager, a neuroeconomic philosopher, a tutor of mathematics & English composition, a mentor of young men and a proponent of Judeo-Christian values. His thesis work on “Context: A Neuroeconomic Solution Set for The Integration of Intelligence Models”, is a solid contribution to the study of choice in problem solving. It contributes to neuroeconomic-accommodation-theory by framing quantitative and qualitative models of human intelligence.


Vaughn Woods studied under the past President of the College of Financial Planning and the Past Chairman of the Board of Regents of the College of Financial Planning. His purist CFP roots have instilled in Vaughn a strong understanding of the need to put the best interest of his clientele first. This ethic has shaped his determination to remain free of broker/dealers that solicit their own proprietary products. As such, Vaughn maintains a high client retention rate. He works hard daily to uphold the trust people put in his leadership.

Trading Experience for Your Advantage

Vaughn has decades of experience managing portfolios. He has years of experience at Dean Witter/Morgan Stanley, AIG, Spelman and Company and Bolton Global Capital, Inc. Vaughn’s credentials include a life & long-term care license, BS from the University of Oregon, MBA from Point Loma Nazarene University, CFP, Securities Licenses: Series 24, Series 6, Series 7, Series 63, Series 65 and SIE. He holds state registration licenses in 15 states.

Market Cycles and You

Every economic cycle is different. Some cycles are long. Others are short. Each one begins and ends. When it comes to economic cycles, Vaughn is a master of experience and understanding. He knows when to look for cycle maturity and cycle beginnings. No matter the education or brand affiliation of your advisory resource, if your retirement and investment accounts are not positioned to account for economic cycle changes, you’re taking too much risk. There is a better way. Vaughn can help. You’ll be amazed at how approachable and comfortable you feel when you build a long-term relationship with a seasoned portfolio manager like Vaughn.

Discretion and the Speed of Light

Today artificial Intelligence systems move markets in microseconds. However, only human beings like Vaughn Woods, CFP can help you manage your investments according to your unique goals and tolerances for volatility. Vaughn uses fundamental and technical systems, cycle strategies and his connection to a wide variety of tax and legal specialists to help you grow your net worth and keep what you grow. In today’s complex and fast changing world of tax laws this is very important.

Decision Making for Dummies

Today failure to follow professional advice makes no sense. At an annual fee of just ½ of one percent to one and ½ percent, depending on account size, when you consider time saved, the resource Vaughn is to you, and the professional strategies Vaughn employs for you, that’s real value. And yes, you get all the ATM card servicing, 24/7 online account information, big bank encryption safety, and cost basis accounting you’d expect of a personal financial planner. The Vaughn Woods value proposition is strong and personal. If that is not enough you are provided the opportunity to speak directly to Vaughn about your asset allocation structure, your individual holdings, retirement strategies, the markets or most anything financially personal. Ask yourself: Does my portfolio manager do that for me? To learn more or tell Vaughn your story call Vaughn Woods Financial Group, Inc. now at 1-800-374-4412 or 858-454-6900.
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